Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Department

As the Lake Monticello community began to grow, it was realized that closer emergency fire services for the area were desperately needed, as the closest fire truck and ambulance were located in Village of Palmyra, some 5 miles away.

The Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Department was formed on April 9, 1974, by community members who volunteered, to serve the Lake Monticello community. At that time, the department consisted of a handful of members and two pieces of apparatus, a Pierce mini-pumper with a 500-gpm pump and 250 gallons of water, the department also had an American LaFrance engine. One year later, in 1975, members of the fire department, et al, formed the Lake Monticello Rescue Squad to provide prompt and rapid medical aid to the residents of Lake Monticello.

The original fire station that housed the two units was located at the Lake's “marina” facility. The original building was and still is located at 962 Jefferson Drive. As the area grew, the Fire Department found it's quarters were too small to operate from. So, circa 1990, Lake Monticello Fire Department and Rescue Squad Inc., moved into more spacious accommodations on Slice Road, adjacent to the Slice gate on donated land and building financed by several fund-raising initiatives.

After 15 years we found that Fire and Rescue operations were expanding to our current levels, and we found that our accommodations were cramped and too small for efficient and effective operations. In 2005, a separate Rescue and Water Rescue building was erected on corporate land adjacent to the existing building.

As time has passed, Fluvanna County, Lake Monticello, and our organization have all grown and the calls for services have increased exponentially. Additional fire apparatus had to be purchased to cover the escalating and specialized incidents within the entire Fluvanna County. Consequently, an additional four bay, sleeping quarters, office space and training facility was added onto the existing building.

Today the fire department has grown to over 72 dedicated and certified members, who are fully outfitted with state-of-the-art NFPA, and OSHA approved personal protective clothing including self-contained breathing apparatus. All firefighters are trained to the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, National Fire Academy curriculum and nationally accredited Guidelines, all “free of charge” to the firefighter. Members also follow and conform to Standard Operating Guidelines and Training Manual employing recommended industry standards and criteria for strategies and tactics of firefighting.

In addition to fire-related responses, the fire department also responds, with the rescue squad on specific medical calls for service and serves as an adjunct to the rescue squad. Many fire department members hold various levels of EMS certifications, i.e., C.P.R., EMT, Trauma and Paramedic. In total, our members respond to 900-1,000 emergency calls for service per year.

Our members devote:

  • 1,200 man-hours for training per year
  • 1,500 man-hours for certified VDFP training courses
  • 250 man-hours for extrication training
  • 25,000 man-hours for duty crews

The fire department is commanded by one Fire Chief, one Assistant Fire Chief, three Captains, and three Lieutenants. There are numerous administrative and support positions to augment fire department operations.

Today’s fire department’s fleet consists of two rescue engines, a 100’ tower ladder, a 2,000-gallon tanker, a brush truck, a squad truck, hazardous materials response trailer, EMS fly car, utility terrain vehicle, pick-up truck and a command vehicle. Our fire department currently operates the only aerial ladder company in Fluvanna County, and is responsible for the mitigation of technical rescues, i.e., high-angle rescues, rope rescues, confined space, trapped person(s), et al.

Our department is part of an emergency services system in Fluvanna County that provides 100% volunteer Fire, EMS, and Water Rescue coverage to the citizens and communities throughout Fluvanna County and mutual aid requests from adjoining County’s. Additionally, our eighteen State certified instructors teach the Virginia Department of Fire Programs firefighting courses to Fluvanna County firefighters.

Thanks to the demanding work-ethic and dedication of our membership, the fire department has been able to obtain grants and donations for equipment and apparatus. The County of Fluvanna is also extremely helpful in assisting with the funding of not only our apparatus and equipment but also our operational costs. However, the organization still depends heavily on donations from the citizens and businesses in the community.