The Lake Monticello Volunteer Rescue Squad was first licensed in December 1975 to provide advanced first aid to Lake Monticello residents. Although there were very few residents at the time, the community and the rescue squad continued to grow. Our first Emergency Medical Technician, Ron White, was certified in 1979. Our first Shock Trauma Technician, John Maple, in 1980; and our first Cardiac Technician, Bill Seward, in 1984. Initially, the squad had 10 members and one small ambulance, housed at the marina. In 1991, the ambulance was moved to the new Fire and Rescue Building on Slice Road. The squad now has four cardiac-equipped ambulances with advanced life support equipment plus a squad car and over 70 members.


The squad is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. The membership consists of men and women who are active or retired military, law enforcement, nurses, secretaries, farmers, business executives, engineers, paramedics, etc. As you might expect, the day duty crews consist mainly of retirees. The night duty crews are generally employed during the day. We provide emergency medical service for residents of Lake Monticello and the surrounding area on a 24 hour - 7 day a week basis.