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How do I join LMWRT?
The Lake Monticello Water Rescue and Dive Team meets at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday of the month in the Lake Monticello Volunteer Rescue Squad/Water Rescue building, Station 5, located at 14 Slice Road, Palmyra, Virginia. The Rescue Squad/Water Rescue building is located right next to the Slice gate section at Lake Monticello off Rt. 600. Please stop by and introduce yourself. No RSVP needed. We would be happy to discuss how to become a member of our team. For further information, please call Water Rescue Team Chief John Lye at 434-962-4628, email or stop by the building.

How much time does it require to be a member?
LMWRT is an all-volunteer organization. Our training schedule keeps all of this in mind and we do our best to accommodate our members. We have 1 monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding December) as well as training sessions throughout the year, some with other rescue organizations, that our members can take part in to build their certification or simply keep sharp with their skills. You can look at our training schedule on this site.

Do I need to be a certified scuba diver or swiftwater technician to join the team?
Although previous scuba or swiftwater experience is appreciated from any LMWRT applicant, it is not necessary. LMWRT has PADI certified instructors and connections with local dive shops and is fully prepared to teach scuba diving and swiftwater rescue/recovery to those members in need, as well as keep our entire team trained and in top form.

Do I need to have any emergency related water or rescue training experience before I join?
Although it may be helpful in some situations, new members are not required to have any specialized training before joining LMWRT. LMWRT has many different levels of rescue technicians on our staff. The level of training you would like to achieve is completely up to you. As a member of the Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad, Inc our members are offered several classes in a variety of specialties from water rescue to emergency vehicle operation to emergency medical technician (EMT).

How is the LMWRT team notified of a call?
Anyone calling the emergency 911 number can request the Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team for immediate emergency service. Our members are given beeper/radios that they may carry with them and can be contacted with throughout the Fluvanna/Albemarle County area at any time. Members can respond from their homes, or if possible, from their place of work.

Do I need my own equipment?
LMWRT is fully stocked with the necessary emergency equipment and materials for our members to train with and use on scene. Personal equipment is welcome but not necessary.


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