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    Meet Our Newest Ambulance

    Ambulance 552 is a 2018 Road Rescue UltraMedic on a 2018 Ram 5500 Chassis.

    Ambulance 552 was designed and built to match our last two ambulances from Road Rescue to ensure immediate crew familiarity and equipment standardization. 552 has some new advancements in technology, making it our most technologically advanced ambulance. The ambulance is equipped with a multiplex electronics system called Weldon V-MUX. This system uses 6 small computers to control mission-critical systems in the ambulance instead of the more traditional configuration of switches and relays. This allows us to have more information about the truck at our fingertips via two 8" touchscreen panels, one in the front and one in the back. This system also allows us to quickly diagnose any electrical issues with the ambulance and facilitate faster repairs.

    Ambulance 552 is equipped with a Whelen Emergency lights package that is identical to our two other ambulances and an advanced scene lighting package. As with our other ambulances, 552 is equipped with a Buckstop front bumper that protects us against significant damage from deer collisions. 552 is equipped with a Stryker PowerLoad system and PowerPro stretcher. This system allows our providers to load and lift patients without using manpower or risking back injuries. This system has been proven to reduce the number of EMS lifting-related back injuries nationwide and is widely acclaimed by our members.

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    Date: 03-30-2018

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